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At Mölndal's Traffic School, we offer courses for B,ASKandB96driving license. We offerRisk 1in Swedish and English and also hold regular meetingsTutors/Introductory coursesfor those of you who want to drive privately.

B driver's license

The first step towards a driver's license is to apply for a driver's license permit at the Swedish Transport Agency, for that you need to take a vision test, at an optician or with us at our office.Read more here about how to apply.

With us, you book/cancel your lessons via the Student Center, you get login to the page after Enrollment with us. Theory is studied in books and online via an add-on in the Student Center, the add-on gives you access to theory, practice questions, exercises, images and videos. How many lessons are required is difficult to say, we usually run a first lesson in order to better advise which package suits you.

Risk education

Before taking your theory test, you need approved Risk training, which is divided into Risk 1 and Risk 2.

Risk 1 is a theoretical education where you learn about risky behaviors in traffic, such as alcohol, drugs and fatigue.

Risk 2 is the slip driving, where you test driving on different road surfaces and weather conditions. Sled driving through us is only possible for enrolled students, if you drive privately, please contact usStora Holmand book an appointment through them. Please note that it does not matter in which order you do the Risk Training, but both parts need to be passed BEFORE the theory test.

Supervisor/Introductory training

If you are going to practice driving privately, you must have an approved supervisor who supervises your driving. If you are going to practice driving privately for a car or light truck, both the student and the supervisor first need to attend an introductory course. After a course with us, we register your training and you can soon start practice driving.

The tutor training is valid for 5 years and you can tutor several students, just make sure you are a registered tutor for each student!

Here you can apply and read more about being a tutor and practice driving privately.


BE driving license gives you more opportunities, because you can tow up to 7 tons with car and trailer.

The first thing you need to do is go to and apply for a driver's license permit. This can take several weeks, so be there in plenty of time. For that application, you need to do a vision test, which we can help with at our place for a cost of SEK 150, we report the results to the Swedish Transport Agency.

Those who take the BE usually need to take two double lessons of 1 hour and 50 minutes each, as it requires more preparation for the driving test. In some cases you may need more, it depends on your prior knowledge.

Cost: 1 driving lesson of 55 min.
Loan of car and trailer for driving test    SEK 2300
By borrowing a car and trailer, we will go with you to the test, it takes a couple of hours in total.


Fees to the Swedish Transport Administration are added. We only rent cars and trailers to those who choose to book a driving test through the driving school.
You need to take a theory test at the Swedish Transport Administration before you can book a driving test. To read it, we have a BE book, SEK 330, and internet tests SEK 790.

This is how the exam goes:
After passing the theory test, a driving test can be booked.
At the driving test, you must first do a full safety check of the car and trailer, maneuvering test in the parking lot, driving in traffic for about 40 minutes, where you can demonstrate maneuvering both backwards and forwards. On and off the trailer is also included.




Extended B license is a variant of the regular B driving license. The difference is that with extended B you can tow heavier vehicle combinations than with a normal B driving licence.

The driving test for extended B (B96) consists of

  • security check

  • driving in and outside urban areas

  • Security check


The driving test begins with you having to complete a safety check that includes connecting the car and trailer. When the test begins, the car and the trailer must stand side by side, and not in line.

You must check, evaluate and justify that the vehicle combination can be driven in a traffic-safe, legal and environmentally friendly manner. If you discover shortcomings, you should be able to propose measures. You must independently check the various functions. If there is any part of the check that is not possible to do yourself, ask the driving examiner for help.

If you use a checklist for the security check, it must not contain instructions on how to carry out the check. 

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