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Driving licenses give you more opportunities, since you are allowed to haul up to 7 tonnes by car and trailer.

The first thing you need to do is go to and apply for a driver's license. This can take several weeks, so be on time. For that application you need to do a synthesis test, which we can help with at a cost of SEK 150, as we also report your synthesis test. See opening hours at "contact, find here"

You who take BE usually need to take two double lessons of 1 hour and 50 minutes, as it requires more preparation for the driving test. In some cases you may need more, it depends on your prior knowledge.

Cost: 1 Driving lesson of 55 min 1000 SEK
Loan of car and trailer on driving test SEK 2300
In loans of car and trailer we go with you to the test, it takes a couple of hours in total.
Fees are added to the Swedish Transport Administration. We only rent cars and trailers to those who choose to book driving tests through the traffic school.
You need to do a theory test at the Swedish Transport Administration before you can book a driving test. To read about this we have a BE book, SEK 330, and internet tests SEK 790.
Bg: 781-7448

Here's how the test goes:
After passing the theory test, driving tests can be booked.
At the driving test, you must first do a complete safety check of the car and trailer, maneuvering test on parking, driving in traffic for about 40 minutes, where you will be shown maneuvering both backwards and forwards. Towing and relaxation of the trailer is also included.

Waiting times for both lessons and special tests will be long in the spring, this is especially true in April to September. Contact us in February / March if you want to be ready in the spring. Then we have more opportunities to help you.

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