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B 96

Extended B authorization is a variant of the regular B driver's license. The difference lies in the fact that with extended B you can pull heavier vehicle combinations than with a regular B driving license.

The driving test for extended B (B96) consists of
security check
driving in and out of urban areas
security check
The driving test starts with the fact that you have to carry out a safety check which includes interconnection of car and trailer. When the test is started, the car and the trailer must stand side by side, and not in the joint.
You must check, evaluate and justify that the vehicle combination can be driven in a traffic-safe, legal and environmentally friendly manner. If you discover deficiencies, you should be able to suggest action. You should independently control the various functions. If any part of the control is not possible to do yourself, ask the driver for assistance.
If you use a security checklist, it must not contain instructions on how to perform the check.

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